MPlayer Youtube Video Streamer Script
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For How works the script, please refer to the help included in the script,
alex@whiterabbit /home/alex/myvs $ ./ --help
usage: myvs [options] video_url

  -h, --help            print this help text and exit
  -v, --version         print program version and exit
  -u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME    
account username
  -p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD    
account password
  -o FILE, --output=FILE  
output video file name
  -q, --quiet           activates quiet mode
  -s, --stream          do not download video, but stream directly by mplayer
  -C, --cache           set a cache of 300k, for slow connection
  -c, --cycle           cycle 20 times while youtube redirect to
(that streams .flv)
  -t, --title           use title in file name
  -n, --netrc           use .netrc authentication data
  -O, --streamonly      Force the script to stream only, if it doesnt find a valid stream server simply quit

Now I will explain you how to get it working with Firefox,
First we need a Firefox extension called: Lanchy,
this extension give us the ability to open directly from Firefox Youtube video on youtube webpage (not on all webpages that have a youtube video! you need ALWAYS the youtube video's webpage),
After you have installed Launchy (from firefox's addon site), restart Firefox, now it will ask you to insert a Launchy's button on your toolbar (DO IT! so open Youtube videos will be very simply),
after that go on the preferences/option of this extension and uncheck the option: "search automatically programs".
Now copy the "launchy.xml" file that you found on the package and copy it on your directory:
".mozilla/firefox/YOUR_ID.default/chrome/" , after copied it, please don't forget to edit it with your COMPLETE PATH, and add or delete oppurtune option to pass to the script.
Now restart again firefox an watch if it recognise the command (by pressing the G).
Go on, open a video webpage, click on the G button-> Open in Mplayer Yo
utube Video Streamer..

Note: If you have problem to view video and want to have some debug messages, try this launchy.xml, it will open an xterm terminal to watch what the script do and says, if you have problems email me, don't forget to edit you xterm path or chenge the terminal with you favourite terminal, and edit you myvs absolute path!:
download launchy.xml here

It's all!


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Alessandro Arrichiello

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